Michiel Riedijk

28.07.2020 | Conference

2: Museum Architecture

Impulse Lecture by Michiel Riedijk

New Museums: In Search for an Expression


The second section focused on the role of architecture of and for museums. What possibilities does a new building offer for the work of museums? What is its relationship to the city and its inhabitants? Using examples and ideas from various fields of architectural practice, the contributors opened up perspectives on these issues.

Michiel Riedijk studied architecture at the Technical University in Delft. In 1992, he established the Rotterdam based office Neutelings Riedijk Architects with Willem Jan Neutelings. Since 2007, he is also Professor of Public Building at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Technical University Delft. Some of their exemplar works are the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, MAS Museum in Antwerp, the Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum, and the Culture House ‘Rozet’ in Arnhem. Currently the office is working on several projects such as the Gare Maritime in Brussels, the Amsterdam Museum and the ZIL-factory towers in Moscow. In 2017, Michiel Riedijk received the RIBA International Fellowship.

Riedijk began his lecture with a short introduction to the general importance and design of urban identities in history and the permanent changes they underwent through architecture. How can the content of buildings be presented? How can architecture be an expression of both mindsets and ideas? He argued that globalisation makes many people feel insecure and makes them search for identity more. Identity is not something fixed, but fluid and must be redefined again and again through collective experiences.

Henrike Hoffmann