LAB 6: New forms of ‘heritage’ in museums: what do we bring into the future? / Focus: Cameroon, Bertram Collection

Together with the ABRAC (Advisory Board for the Repre­sen­tation of African Collections at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart) and members of the Linden-Museum staff, a group of en­gaged scholars, writers, and artists based both in Europe and Africa will explore one of the historical colonial collections from Cameroon held at the Linden-Museum (Hermann Bertram, 1908) and discuss its meanings and legacies. Focusing on the his­torical collection as a case study, the group will inter­rogate, question, and experiment with the collecting and story­telling practices associated with museum work that produce ‘heritages’. The workshop will result in a special edition of the Cameroonian literature magazine Bakwa and a jointly designed presen­tation aimed at sharing the group’s insights and experiences.