Peter Vaughan

08.09.2020 | Conference

2: Museum Architecture

Keynote Lecture by Pete Vaughan

Museum Architecture and Exhibition Design


The second section focused on the role of architecture of and for museums. What possibilities does a new building offer for the work of museums? What is its relationship to the city and its inhabitants? Using examples and ideas from various fields of architectural practice, the contributors will open up perspectives on these issues.

Since 2011 Peter Vaughan has collaborated with Asif Khan on many projects and competitions, including the Hyundai Pavilion (Pyeonchang Winter Olympics), the UK Pavilion (Astana Expo), and the Guggenheim Museum Helsinki. Peter currently oversees the delivery of Museum of London, Asif Khan’s work for the Dubai Expo 2020, a Museum of Manuscripts (Sharjah UAE), and the Tselynni Centre for Contemporary Culture in Almaty. He has taught at the Bartlett school of Architecture, UCL, and lectures internationally. 

In his keynote, he emphasised the importance of human exchange in the design of spaces and the choice of materials. For architecture, it is important to respond to the needs of society, to integrate them and to understand the location and history of each building, so that the museum can “… provide an environment that can accommodate the ever-changing nature of contemporary public society”.

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