Micropage Lab 02

15.06.2020 | LAB 2

Linden LAB 2 –
Virtual Presentation


The central concern of LindenLAB 2 is above all the question of how provenance research can be made visible in a museum. It is an important part of a museum’s work, but often remains invisible to exhibition visitors. The research usually takes months, and a large amount of material is gathered in the process.

For LindenLAB 2, Markus Himmelsbach, provenance researcher at the Linden-Museum, has intensively examined the collection of Karl Holz (1857 – 1934). Holz was a merchant who emigrated to Chile probably in the early 1880s. There he changed his name to Carlos Holz and later supplied Karl Graf von Linden with many objects, especially from the Mapuche. What history does his collection tell? What obstacles, twists and turns, and historical events are involved? The results of the research are on display in an installation in the Linden-Museum (1st floor) from June 26, 2020. In addition, we have decided to provide digital access to the content we have developed as part of our corona prevention measures. Follow the link to the online research on the traces of Carlos Holz!

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