Inauguration of LAB 6

Since 2nd of July 2022 LAB 6 can be visited. Two of the project partners, Prof. Germain Loumpet und Tah Kennette Konsum as well as guest curator Dr. Sandra Ferracutti joined the inauguration which took place on 1st of July 2022 and reported of the development of the exhibition, the meaning of the exhibited objects and their cooperation during the process.

The LindenLAB 6 exhibits – for the first time in the ‘modern’ history of the Linden-Museum – a selection from the 238 objects that were shipped to Karl Graf von Linden by Hermann Karl Bertram (Krummennaab, Germany, 1872 – Maricourt, France, 1914) in 1908. Bertram was a first lieutenant of a so-called ‘Schutztruppe and participated in the ‘Southern Expedition’ between 1905 and 1907. This military campaign was geared at subjugating the political institutions of southeastern Cameroon, gaining control over the region and favoring the interests of European trading companies active in the area at that time.

All three partners of the LindenLAB 6 have in different ways long been engaged in reflecting on the histories embedded in Cameroonian cultural heritage. Sharing a path from the museum storage back to southeastern Cameroon, they came into contact with a long-lost historical collection and with each other. Through this, they are sharing glimpses into a lively discussion concerning current politics of cultural memories and heritages, both in Germany and Cameroon.

The presentation of LAB 6 is placed on the 1st floor of the Linden-Museum. It follows the permanent exhibition Wo ist Afrika? (Where is Africa?), but can be visited independently as well.